Malin's Unforgettable Display at Oulton Park

Josh Malin unleashed his skills at Oulton Park in a weekend that was nothing short of excellent!

Malin's Unforgettable Display at Oulton Park

Race One began with a twist of fate for Josh, as his initial qualifying time of P2 was stripped away due to a yellow flag mishap. Undeterred, he found himself starting from P7 on the grid, hungry to make his mark. And did he deliver! Launching off the line with lightning speed, Josh embarked on a relentless pursuit, carving his way through the pack. Lap after lap, he showcased his tenacity and skill, eventually crossing the finish line with a well-earned P5. It was a drive that left spectators in awe, recognising his determination and grit.

Malin's Unforgettable Display at Oulton ParkBut that was just the beginning of the excitement. Race Two brought another opportunity for Josh to shine. Thanks to teammate James Kellett pulling out the 5-ball, Josh found himself in pole position, ready to unleash his full potential. As the lights went out, he defended his position with everything he had, holding off the relentless Adam Smalley. Lap after lap, the two battled it out, the tension building with every turn. It was a nail-biting sprint to the finish, with Josh refusing to yield. In the end, Adam managed to slip past and claim the lead, leaving Josh to settle for a hard-fought P2. Nevertheless, he never let up, staying glued to Adam's rear bumper until the chequered flag waved.

Malin's Unforgettable Display at Oulton ParkWhat a phenomenal weekend it was for Josh Malin and the entire Rosland Gold Racing team! With a P5 and a thrilling P2 finish under his belt, he showcased his prowess and teamwork on the track.

Malin's Unforgettable Display at Oulton ParkAs we catch our breath and reflect on the incredible displays of skill witnessed at Oulton Park, one thing is clear: Josh Malin and Rosland Gold Racing show no signs of slowing down, and we can't wait to witness what comes next at Knockhill in August.