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Owning gold can seem like an impossible dream, but there are solutions for everyone – even if you are on a relatively limited budget. Depending on your financial circumstances, your interests and your vision, we can create a portfolio tailored to your needs.

For Rosland customers, purchasing gold is not about making a fortune – it’s about protecting what they have, and adding a tangible asset to their portfolio. From portfolio diversification to protecting one's wealth against inflation, there are many reasons why our customers continue to put their trust in gold...

A proven

Tangible Asset

There are many reasons people find gold attractive – it has been a liquid and tangible asset for more than 5,000 years; it’s a proven measure for safeguarding investments against inflation, political instability, and the ups and downs of stock and bond market corrections. Sometimes we don't even notice that inflation is chipping away at the purchasing power of the pound, but it's a fact of life.

Free from


Gold coins have a unique advantage for collectors concerned about value and tax. From 1st January 2000, VAT was abolished on gold of a certain purity by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The ruling is straightforward: if a gold coin is 90% pure gold or above, then VAT does not apply. Given that VAT is currently 20%, it’s an excellent deal for the collector looking to maximise value.

Free from

Capital Gains Tax

Until spring 2023, everyone has an an annual exemption on Capital Gains Tax of £12,300. This will be halved to £6,000 in April, and halved again to £3,000 in 2024. If you make a gain in excess of that, you must declare that profit and you will pay tax at the rate of 18% or 28% of the profit above that allowance (based on current HMRC rules). The rate you pay depends on your normal rate of tax.

Yet CGT on certain coins does not apply. Such coins must be British Legal Tender. Gold and silver Britannias as well as gold Sovereigns (among the most popular coins from Rosland) are legal tender at face value, though the value in gold far exceeds face value. So any legal tender UK coin is CGT free. Any gain you make when you sell can legally remain outside your CGT calculation, no matter how great it is.

A lasting


Would you like to grow your wealth and leave something for your loved ones? People want to feel secure about their future and certain about the legacy they'll leave for their loved ones after they're gone. Gold has been used throughout history to preserve wealth, and continues to be a popular choice for portfolio diversification.

You’ve worked hard all your life, it’s only right that you and your loved ones should enjoy financial security.



People have always treasured and admired gold and, for many, the very idea of holding gold in their hands evokes a sense of sheer delight. It’s an asset you can treasure for a life-time, or pass on to your loved ones when the time is right.

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