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Each and every one of our coins represents a fantastically rich nugget of history - a place in time and culture that will never be repeated. Each one is the summation of thousands of years of technical development, using techniques of refining, modelling and finishing that have been honed and perfected over many generations.

Our mission is to help you understand the significance of each precious metals purchase, so you have full confidence in your chosen strategy.

Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are best defined as “older coins in limited supply". Unlike modern bullion coins, which can be produced in unlimited mintages, the production run of older coins is a known quantity, with limited availability.

These coins are often aesthetically and historically appealing, and are commonly graded by independent specialists. These coins can have considerable value and they’re often items of great interest and objects of beauty.

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Graded Coins

The condition and visual appeal of coins often degrade if they’re touched or, worse still, put in circulation. That’s why Rosland favours graded coins. These coins are sonically sealed in tamper-proof containers by two of the industry’s leading coin grading companies, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation).

They also assign a rating for each coin on the 0-70 point Sheldon scale, which is displayed on each coin’s container along with a unique identifying number and barcode. One special thing that’s important to note about graded coins, is that the quality of what you buy is a known quantity, fixed in time.

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Did you know?

One of the most important features of a coin, and the key to its value, is its condition. Collectors will always pay a significant premium for coins in outstanding condition. That’s why professional “grading” is so important to the collector.

Grading is done by an independent grading organisation who inspects every single coin minutely, and each coin is given a grade between 1 and 70. 70 means a perfect coin with a full strike and no marking whatsoever and 1 means a barely identifiable coin.

Expertly Sourced

To ensure its validity, it is vital to know where your gold comes from, Rosland sources its gold coins from the finest mints around the world, including the The Royal Mint, the US Mint, The Commonwealth Mint and PAMP, to name a few.

Our extensive network in the coin industry means we can offer highly specialised and much sought-after coins – even treasure from the bottom of the ocean!

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Exclusive Partnerships

Our extensive collection not only includes a diverse range of commemorative and limited-edition coins, but also boasts exclusive collections in partnership with some of the world’s most respected organisations, including Formula 1, PGA Golf Tour, The Lawn Tennis Association and The British Museum.

Reflecting our ongoing dedication to quality, service and integrity, these exclusive partnerships are affirmation – if any were needed – of our position as the industry leader.

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