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How Do I Buy?

The Rosland 5 Step Plan

Starting a gold portfolio with Rosland is easy. Our experts are perfectly positioned to guide you through the process to ensure a safe, professional and enjoyable experience. They will help you decide on the choosing the right mix of coins, discuss portfolio management, what to look for in a coin… anything to do with the fascinating and exciting task of building your own collection of gold and precious metal.

So, whether you’re looking to buy your first few coins or want to ensure a lasting legacy for your loved ones, put your trust in Rosland and discover the safe, professional and enjoyable way to buy gold.


Rosland’s operation in London is staffed by knowledgeable, friendly professionals… real people, here in the UK, not in some far-away call centre. All Rosland’s representatives are more than happy to talk about gold coins, the prices, what to look for and there’s no pressure whatsoever.

Call us for a chat on 0800 902 0000.


If you wish, your Gold Specialist can help you create a personalised portfolio tailored to your financial position. Many collectors start with just a few coins and then build their collection over time. And not just gold, either… there are silver and platinum options you can discuss.


Collecting coins is a very personal choice. Your Gold Specialist is more than happy to discuss fully the options open to you. You are never, ever, asked to make a decision ‘on the spot’. That’s not the Rosland way. Once you’ve discussed your ideas, then you’re left to discuss it with your family and with friends.


After discussing shipping, storage and payment options, our compliance team need to sign off on your proof of identity. All new clients are required by law to provide a certified proof of identity to satisfy the anti-money laundering and fraud legislation that governs our industry and also comply with our stringent internal security checks.


Your coins will then be ready to be shipped. You will be notified in advance of your delivery date.
Alternatively, if you choose one of the many secure storage options you will be notified when the delivery has taken place.

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We understand that buying gold isn’t to be taken lightly, and selecting the right products is a big decision. That’s why the team at Rosland are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Complete the form below and a gold specialist will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800-902-0000 for a friendly, no pressure conversation.