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About Marin Aleksov

Marin Aleksov founded Rosland Capital in the US in 2008, and has over twenty years of extensive experience in the precious metals industry. Aleksov brought his expertise to life by establishing Rosland Capital, a precious metals firm based in Los Angeles, California, and remains the firm’s CEO.

Aleksov believes that informed customers make better purchasing decisions when they decide to buy gold, silver, and other precious metals, whether in the form of coins, bars, or other physical metals. In the last decade, Marin Aleksov has led Rosland Capital to expand beyond the borders of the United States, beginning with the opening of separate, independent companies, such as Rosland (UK), in 2014. More recently, offices in Germany, Paris, and Latin America were opened.

As a precious metals industry expert, not to mention a member of the SACC, Marin Aleksov has appeared on national programmes and in publications such as CBS News, the Los Angeles Times, and others.

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