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PCGS-graded One Laurel - 400th Anniversary 1oz Gold Proof

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A “numismatic first”, this coin denomination has been personally authorised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the famous gold Laurel coin, first minted in 1619 by her ancestor James I of England and Scotland.

Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was portrayed wearing a laurel wreath on her first coins – a portrait that is still used today on the coins handed out as part of the Maundy Ceremony every Easter.
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In a very unusual change of protocol, but to keep to the historical context, Her Majesty has consented to change the portrait profile on the obverse of the coin from facing right to facing left. This unprecedented move creates a most interesting change and provides collectors with a unique and historical link to the coinage of 1619. Laurel leaves had long been used to symbolise honour and victory, this stretched back to ancient times when in Greece, and later Rome, laurel crowns were given to the victors in sporting competitions or in battle. Roman Emperors are often depicted wearing or holding laurel crowns or wreaths and it was this that James was trying to recreate. It seems the new king rather fancied himself in the same mould as the Emperors. In fact his coronation medal had an inscription that translates as James I, Caesar Augustus of Britain, Caesar the heir of the Caesars, presents this medal! The Laurel may well have been short lived as a coin (barely six years) but the symbolism wasn’t forgotten – James’ grandson Charles II, can be seen wearing a laurel wreath on many of his coins, as can monarch after monarch after him.

Graded: PCGS
Diameter: 38.6mm
Purity: 99,99%
Year: 2019
Country: Tristan da Cunha

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