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PCGS-graded Liberty & Britannia 1oz Gold Proof in box

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The long-standing relationship of trust and cooperation between Great Britain and the USA has seen both countries soar to the forefront of world politics and economics, and to honour such an alliance, each coin is professionally graded by the PCGS, and is presented in a wooden gloss-box with a certificate identifying each coin’s individual number.
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LIBERTY AND BRITANNIA - 2016 – 1oz .9999 PROOF GOLD £100 Coin

The enduring trans-Atlantic friendship of Great Britain and the United States of America is one that has long stood the test of time, and several hardships along the way.

Beginning quite oxymoronically with a war in 1776 between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain, and a brief conflict in 1812, subsequent relations between the two nations have been cordial and cooperative since, with great advancements made in the 20th century.

Both powers stood together against expansionist warring states, fascist dictators and economic uncertainty. Furthermore, recent history saw the two countries exchange culture, trade, knowledge and services to become strong players in a globalized society.

In honour of such a stalwart alliance we have issued an exquisite 1oz £100 coin crafted in lustrous gold. The relief sees the two goddesses – Liberty and Britannia – standing side-by-side both with their iconic instruments of power held aloft. Liberty is cast in the manner of her statue in New York, clutching the tabula ansata (a wax tablet evoking the law) in one hand, and the torch of freedom in the other. Britannia carries her trident, inspired by classical mythology, as well as wearing a Corinthian helmet.

Purity: 99,99%
Year: 2016
Country: TDC

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