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PCGS-graded Elizabeth & The Lion 1oz Gold Satin Proof in box

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The design on the reverse features a finely crafted relief of Queen Elizabeth II and the Lion once associated with Elizabeth I and Victoria. Elizabeth stands proud and confident with her robes of state, firmly holding the scepter of office aloft in a measured, yet authoritative stance. As with her ancestors, the Lion stands by her side, not only an allegory for the strong country that she rules over, but also a symbol of pride, courage and stalwart defence – three virtues Elizabeth II has had to rely on during her life.
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‘Elizabeth and the Lion’ – 2015 – 1oz 9999 PROOF GOLD £100

This beautiful gold £100 coin in the Longest Reigning Monarch series has been issued as a tribute to the celebrated and popular reign of Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s Great-Great-Grandmother, Queen Victoria.

As Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II now holds the record as the longest reigning monarch in British history, we have issued a commemorative coin that recognises her long and illustrious reign whilst drawing a historical parallel to her ancestor Victoria. In 1839 a coin was issued featuring Queen Victoria and the Lion of England, itself making a connection to “The tale of Una and the Lion” by Edmund Spenser in the 16th century – a celebratory homage to Elizabeth I. Now in 2015 the celebration of strong female monarchs continues in the vein started by Spenser, as we commemorate Elizabeth II’s majestic reign.

As befits this historical landmark, only a select amount of coins have been issued by the Commonwealth Mint – only [number] coins have been struck. Each coin is also professionally graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) in Paris, and are individually numbered on their certificates of authenticity, granting the coin the type of prestige and respect that would befit our beloved monarch.

Purity: 99,99%
Year: 2015
Country: Tristan da Cunha
Brand: The Commonwealth Mint

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