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D-Day 75th Anniversary Set of 4 Proof Full Sovereigns Limited Edition

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2019 sees the 75th anniversary of the end of Operation Overlord, one of the key moments in the history of World War II; D-Day. This collection of 22k gold coins has been issued to mark this anniversary, with only 499 sets being issued.
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The Normandy landings were the landing operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy, which was in Operation Overlord during World War II. Codenamed Operation Neptune, but often referred to as D-Day, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. Seen as the turning point of the war by many, the operation began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later western Europe) and laid the foundations of the eventual Allied victory on the Western Front.

The amphibious landings were preceded by extensive aerial and naval bombardment together with an airborne assault — the landing of 24,000 American, British, and Canadian airborne troops shortly after midnight giving a total of 150,000 allied soldiers involved in the operation. The target 50-mile (80 km) stretch of the Normandy coast was divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword.

Casualties were heaviest at Omaha, with its high cliffs. At Gold, Juno, and Sword, several fortified towns were cleared in house-to-house fighting, and two major gun emplacements at Gold were disabled using specialised tanks.

This set has been created to commemorate the brave members of our armed forces who fought on the 6th June 1944.

Year: 2019
Country: TDC

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