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Coronation Orb & Sceptre Sovereign Set of 4

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This set of Sovereigns features the most iconic symbols from the Coronation ceremony; the Orb and Sceptre. The cross at the top of the Orb represents the Christ’s dominion over the orb of the world, and it is held in the hand of an earthly ruler. It was first used in an English Coronation for that of Henry VIII in 1509. The orb used today is a hollow gold sphere and was made for Charles II in 1661. Altogether the orb is decorated with 375 pearls, 365 diamonds, 18 rubies, 9 emeralds, 9 sapphires and 1 amethyst.

The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross is a token of power as head of state. It is decorated with 333 diamonds, 31 rubies, 15 emeralds, 7 sapphires, 6 spinels and 1 composite amethyst. In 1910, it was redesigned to incorporate the “Great Star of Africa”, which is still the largest clear-cut diamond in the world. During the coronation, the monarch bears the Sceptre with Cross in the right hand.
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2nd June 2018 will be 65 years to the day that the longest reigning monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was Crowned at Westminster Abbey. On the day in 1953, approximately three million spectators lined the streets of London, some having camped overnight, to catch a glimpse of the new monarch.

Seated in King Edward’s chair, Elizabeth took the Coronation Oath as administered by the Archbishop of Canterbury. In the oath, the Queen swore to govern each of her countries according to their respective laws and customs.

Wearing the Imperial State Crown and holding the Sceptre with the Cross and the Orb, Elizabeth left Westminster Abbey and was transported back to Buckingham Palace where she appeared on the balcony of the Centre Room before a gathered crowd as a fly past went overhead.

Year: 2018
Country: Alderney, Channel Islands

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