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Jody Clark is a talented British artist who has made a name for himself in the world of numismatics as a coin designer. He is best known for his design of the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which has been featured on all British coins since 2015. His designs are admired for their elegance, simplicity, and attention to detail, and he has become one of the most sought-after coin designers in the world.

With the release of his newest design which features as part of Rosland’s Coronation Collection, we take a closer look at Jody Clark's life and career, and explore how he became one of the most sought-after coin designers in the world…


Early Life and Career

Jody Clark was born in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England, in 1981. He grew up in the nearby town of Sevenoaks, where he attended Sevenoaks School, a prestigious independent school. It was here that Clark discovered his passion for art, and he excelled in the subject throughout his education.

After completing his A-levels, Clark went on to study Illustration at the University of Central England in Birmingham. He graduated in 2003 with a First-Class Honours degree and set out to pursue a career in art and design.

Making A Name

Clark at The Royal Mint

After graduating from university, Jody Clark worked as a freelance illustrator for a variety of clients, including advertising agencies, publishers, and design studios. He honed his skills in graphic design, typography, and illustration, and became known for his ability to create striking and memorable designs.

In 2012, Clark joined the Royal Mint, the official mint of the United Kingdom, as a coin designer. His first assignment was to design a commemorative coin to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation. Clark's design, featuring a portrait of the Queen and the St Edward's Crown, was well-received and led to more opportunities to work on coin designs.

History Maker

The Queen's Portrait

In 2015 Clark's anonymous submission to a design competition was chosen to become the fifth definitive coin portrait of Elizabeth II to feature on British coins. Clark was the first employee of the Royal Mint in over one hundred years to have designed such a portrait of the monarch. At the age of 33 when his design was chosen, Clark was younger than any of the other four designers to have created portraits of Elizabeth II for British coinage at the time their design was chosen.

In 2015, Clark was commissioned to create the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for use on all British coins. His design, which features a more mature and contemplative Queen, was created using computer-aided design software to turn his initial sketches into the required low-relief model, with no manual sculpting being used. In addition to his work on British coins, Clark has also designed coins for other countries, including the Cook Islands, Fiji, and Gibraltar. He has received numerous awards for his coin designs, including the Coin of the Year Award in 2019 for his design of the Queen's Beasts series.

Fit For A King

The Coronation Collection

Jody Clark's latest coin design for the upcoming Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III is nothing short of breathtaking. Approved by the royal household, the central focus of the design is the Imperial State Crown, a symbol of power and authority that will be used in the historic coronation ceremony. Surrounding the Crown is a mesmerising array of detail inspired by the Rose Window of Westminster Abbey, one of the most iconic features of the Abbey where the coronation will take place.

From the intricate floral patterns to the intricate filigree work, every detail on the coin has been crafted with precision and care. This stunning new design captures the majesty and pageantry of this historic occasion, and is sure to become a treasured part of any coin collection.

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