Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at Donington

What a weekend it was for Rosland Gold Racing at Donington, with James Kellett and Josh Malin putting on a spectacular show, leaving the crowd in awe. With James securing P1 and P3, and Josh grabbing P4 in both races, it was a weekend to remember.

The weekend kicked off with James Kellett feeling the sting of a qualifying session he thought he could have aced. Blame it on the traffic, but he started Race One in a humbling P4. Yet, as the lights went out and the engines roared to life, James was a man on a mission. With a fantastic start, he quickly charged up to P2, closely tailed by Josh in P3 after successfully overtaking Charles Rainford.

Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at Donington

The highlight of the race was the intense battle between James and Adam Smalley, who was defending his P1 position like a champ. It all came down to the wire when James applied relentless pressure. In a heart-pounding moment, Adam went wide on the final turn, and both James and Josh seized the opportunity. They stormed through for what would have been a P1 and P2 finish for Rosland Gold Racing…

Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at DoningtonBut the drama wasn't over. Just when it seemed like a P1 and P2 finish was in the bag, the rain played its tricks on Josh during the final lap as he went wide. But he displayed remarkable skill and control, re-joining the race to claim a well-deserved P4. So, the team wrapped up Race One with a sensational P1 & P4.

Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at DoningtonPulling out the 4-ball, Kellett found himself starting race 2 in P4, while Malin had the honor of starting on Pole position. The race got off to a thrilling start, with positions holding steady, and Josh quickly building a gap between himself and the competition.

Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at DoningtonBut after half a dozen laps with Josh still leading a fellow driver struck the chicane and dumped his radiator contents all the way down the Melbourne loop and hairpin, Josh was next to meet the hazard on the following lap - locking up at the hairpin on the slippery liquid, as did Adam Smalley in P2. Josh went wide whilst Adam proceeded to hold on and stay on the track and proceed to take lead going back up to the last corner of that lap.

Despite Josh's setback, he showcased his remarkable skills, mounting an incredible comeback from P6 to secure a fantastic P4 finish. Meanwhile, James Kellett, battling fiercely in P3, attempted to breach Will Martin's solid defence but, despite a gallant effort, Will held James off for the rest of the race - with James ultimately settling for a well-deserved podium position.

Thrills, Spills and Victory: An Epic Weekend at DoningtonIn the end, Race Two concluded with James taking P3 and Josh securing P4. Despite the high emotions and the unfortunate mishap, Josh's consistent P4 finishes, especially in a competitive championship, showcased his incredible driving prowess.

The weekend at Donington GP Circuit was nothing short of extraordinary, filled with drama and breath-taking moments. With Silverstone just around the corner in three weeks, Rosland Gold Racing is gearing up for another action-packed weekend of racing.