Royal Mint Uncovers Allure of Alternative Investments

The Royal Mint - the revered home of precious metals in the UK - has unveiled compelling data reflecting a shifting trend among British investors who increasingly seek alternative investments for robust returns in their portfolios. These alternative investments span a diverse range, from cryptocurrencies and commodities to real estate and the timeless allure of gold and other precious metals, defying the conventional boundaries of stocks and bonds.

A comprehensive survey conducted by The Royal Mint, involving over 2,000 UK investors, underscores the mounting interest in alternative assets, with an impressive 58% of respondents confirming their inclusion of at least one alternative investment in their portfolios. An intriguing trend emerges as UK investors, irrespective

of age, plan to elevate their monthly alternative investments by an average of 11%, a figure that climbs to an even more substantial 13% among the dynamic Gen-Z investors. Equally noteworthy is that 36% of respondents yet to venture into alternative investments express a keen consideration for exploring this financial avenue in the future.

This growing enthusiasm for alternative investments finds its roots in the pursuit of stronger financial returns, as disclosed by nearly two-thirds (63%) of the surveyed alternative investors. The motivation to invest gains particular momentum against the backdrop of UK inflation outstripping the interest rates offered by traditional high-street bank savings accounts. Recent analysis by the Financial Conduct Authority further support this, indicating that a staggering 40% of the total cash (£260bn) held in easy-access savings accounts with major UK banks earned less than 1% interest at the close of June 2023.

The Royal Mint's own data mirrors this burgeoning trend, registering a remarkable 17% year-on-year surge in first-time precious metals investors during the initial half of 2023. Gold and silver, the timeless stalwarts of the precious metals realm, are experiencing a surge in popularity, witnessing a 10% and 16% year-on-year surge in investments, respectively. This increase is not confined to a specific age group, highlighting the universal appeal of gold and other precious metals as mainstream investment choices across the investor spectrum.

In essence, the investment landscape in the UK is undergoing a notable transformation, with alternative investments, particularly precious metals, emerging as the go-to options for investors seeking not only diversification but also resilience against economic uncertainties. The Royal Mint's data provides a compelling snapshot of this evolving trend, underscoring the mainstream appeal of precious metals in the quest for financial growth and stability.