Outlook 2020 $5,000 gold? Analysts bullish for the decade ahead

Kitco News:

Central bankers are likely to keep printing money, and mine supply of gold will decline after reduced exploration, analysts and fund managers said.

As a result, they expect gold prices to soar in the decade ahead.

Kitco News interviewed three market veterans for their long-term view on gold: Frank Holmes, chief executive and chief investment officer with U.S. Global Investors; Rohit Savant, director of research with CPM Group; and David Morgan, independent analyst and publisher of the Morgan Report. All look for new record highs, while two see gold hitting $5,000 an ounce in the decade ahead.

Following is a synopsis of the interviews.

Holmes: ‘gold is probably going to $5,000’

Holmes suggested “unprecedented money printing” will continue. This refers to ultra-loose monetary policy undertaken by central banks to flood the economy with money. (…)

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