Victoria, Una and the Faerie Queene: The Story of a Commemorative Coin

In 1837, a young woman ascended to the throne of England, ushering in an era of profound cultural and social change. Her name was Victoria, and she would reign for over six decades, becoming one of the most iconic and influential monarchs in British history. To celebrate both her accession to the throne and her 20th birthday in 1839, a commemorative coin was produced by Rosland. With only 400 of these royally approved coins ever minted, this limited-edition piece is a testament to the enduring legacy of Queen Victoria and her impact on the world. Delve deeper into the story of Queen Victoria's reign, the original coin design, and the digital remastering that brought this stunning tribute to life.

When Queen Victoria came to power in 1837, she inherited a nation in the midst of great transformation. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and Britain was rapidly becoming a modern, urban society. But along with these changes came new challenges and inequalities, as the gap between rich and poor widened, and workers struggled to make a living in a rapidly changing economy.

Despite these challenges, Queen Victoria’s reign was marked by an unparalleled sense of national pride and unity. She was a symbol of continuity and stability in a rapidly changing world, and her reign saw Britain rise to become the world’s preeminent economic and military power.

But Victoria was more than just a symbol of national unity. She was a force in her own right, a strong and independent woman who defied convention and set new standards for female leadership. Her reign saw significant advances in education, healthcare, and social reform, and she was a vocal advocate for women’s rights and the abolition of slavery.

It is this legacy that Rosland sought to commemorate with the release of a 1kg silver coin that acts as a stunning tribute to the enduring influence of Queen Victoria’s reign.

The coin features an original design by William Wyon, a renowned artist and engraver who created many of the most iconic coins of the 19th century. Wyon’s original design, which features Queen Victoria as Una from Edmund Spenser’s 16th century epic poem Faerie Queene, has been digitally remastered to create a stunning tribute to the Queen’s enduring legacy.

The design is both elegant and powerful, capturing the essence of Queen Victoria’s reign in a single image. Una, the maiden who represents truth and purity in Spenser’s poem, is an apt symbol for Victoria, who was renowned for her personal integrity and moral character. The image also conveys a sense of strength and resilience, qualities that were central to Victoria’s reign and helped to make her one of England’s most beloved monarchs.

But the coin is more than just a tribute to Queen Victoria’s legacy. It is also a celebration of the enduring power of the monarchy and its role in shaping the cultural and political identity of England.

In a time of great change and uncertainty, the monarchy has remained a constant and reassuring presence in British society, a symbol of national unity and continuity that transcends political and social divides. And this special coin celebrates the monarchy’s enduring legacy and its continuing relevance in the modern world.

With each coin approved by the royal household, the 2019 Queen Victoria Una and the Lion coin is limited to only 400, making it a rare and valuable addition to any collection.

As we reflect upon the remarkable legacy of Queen Victoria’s reign, it is clear that her influence is still felt today, more than a century after her death. And with this stunning commemorative coin, we can celebrate her remarkable life and legacy in a tangible and lasting way.

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