Gold Prices Ex-US Dollar Break Above $1450 as Italy's 'Brexit' Talk Hits Euro

Bullion Vault Gold news:

“Gold prices rose to fresh multi-month highs for several major currencies on Friday, hitting £1030 for UK investors and breaking above €1170 per ounce in Euro terms as a senior politician in Italy called for the core European Union nation to “change the EU or leave”.

Asian stock markets cut this week’s gains but still closed 1.2% higher from last Friday, while European equities rose to head for a 3.0% weekly gain at 4-month highs on the EuroStoxx 600 index.

With the US gold price holding unchanged for the week at $1316 per ounce, the gold price adjusted by the Dollar’s trade-weighted currency value rose 0.9% from last Friday according to BullionVault analysis.”

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