Longest Reigning Monarch Sovereign Set of 3

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September 9th 2015 marked another magnificent milestone in the life and reign of our beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. On this day she became the longest reigning monarch of Britain, surpassing the record held by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria; a record that had been held for over a century!

To recognize this historic landmark, this superb set of Sovereigns has been issued by the Commonwealth Mint as a lasting tribute. The reverse features a striking likeness of Her Majesty from her Coronation day against a backdrop of the famous window from Westminster Abbey.

The obverse features a new effigy created by renowned American sculptor Joel Iskovitz and this was commissioned in celebration of Her Majesty’s record-breaking long rule.

A limited striking of 499 sets have been issued by the Commonwealth Mint, as a fitting commemoration of our beloved Queen reaching such a significant milestone in her reign. The exclusive nature of the set only serves to further add to the prestige and desirability for the discerning collector, making it an ample tribute to the legendary influence of the British Crown.

Each set is accompanied by a bespoke numbered certificate of authenticity and is presented in a beautiful wooden gloss case, lending this timeless classic a level of prestige and distinction that befits our Queen.