PCGS-graded Lewis & Clark, Fiji 1oz Gold Proof in box

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The design features a beautifully sculpted cast of the three figures in contemplative repose in the wilderness, with Sacagawea’s arm outstretched in confident purpose as the two explorers ponder their future trek. The minutest details have been considered on this prestigious coin, perfectly displaying the dress and decorum of the early 19th century explorer and the Shoshone tribe. The need to discover and explore has remained a stalwart trait of the American people since the first Thirteen Colonies were founded in the 17th century, with Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea remaining at the forefront in America’s last great expansion.


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LEWIS, CLARK & SACAGAWEA -2015- 1oz 9999 PROOF GOLD $100

The Lewis & Clark Expedition remains a landmark in early-US history, encapsulating the old traditions of exploration and pioneering that originally gave birth to the nation itself.

Between 1804 and 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, former US Army officers, set off at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson across the western breadth of the continent to establish trade, communications with indigenous tribes and also to carry out scientific research; and perhaps most importantly – a strong and lasting US presence which would remain for centuries to come.

Along the way they encountered a Shoshone woman, Sacagawea, who remained in US history as an empowering and important female figure, leading the two men’s expedition through unknown territory and providing both interpretation and diplomacy on their behalf.

These three people are figureheads in the idealised American spirit; determination, exploration and co- operation. For three such notable figures we have issued a fitting Hundred Dollar coin in gold to commemorate the event that only two centuries ago was responsible for shaping the modern world as it is today.