British Sovereigns GEORGE III

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The British Half Sovereign coins are highly regarded gold coins as one of the longest-running series in history. With a weight of .1177 troy oz, this is made of .9167 fine gold. Buy yours today to add some history to your collection!

The British Sovereign Gold Coin was the first British Gold Coin minted in all the branches of the Royal Mint in the world. The modern British Gold Sovereigns were minted continuously for one century from 1817-1917, then one year in 1925, and again re-released in 1957. These are dubbed “Gold Sovereigns” because they depict the sovereign leader of the British Empire during that time. These coins were fully circulated until 1932, and today they are minted as bullion products that can be transformed into jewelry. These coins tend to carry higher premiums due to their historical value and high demand.

The obverse of the coin features King George III looking to the right. Inscriptions include the year, his name, and “DEI GRATIA”.


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