British Museum Lewis Chessmen – The King 2.5oz Silver Coin PAMP

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This 2020 2.5 oz, 999.0 fine silver proof coin appears in a strictly limited mintage of 2000. The 50mm diameter, legal tender coin bears a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and is minted by PAMP SA, one of the world’s finest mints.

The protective packaging features the intricate carved ivory of another of the chess pieces, the Bishop, and acts as a numbered certificate of authenticity, with statements of weight, purity, and quality, together with the signature of the Swiss Assayer who certifies the work of PAMP SA, one of the world’s finest mints.


Coin Weight:
Precious metal:
99.9% fine silver
Year of issue:
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The latest addition to Rosland’s British Museum Masterpiece Collection is this king of the north with his sword and crown – a chessman made from walrus ivory in Norway about AD 1150-1200 and found in 1831 hidden in a sandbank on the coast of the Scottish Isle of Lewis. This is one of 93 pieces found in the hoard, possibly hidden for safety by a trader traveling the sea routes connecting Scandinavia and the British Isles in the Middle Ages. Chess came via the Islamic world to Christian Europe, where the game was adapted to reflect medieval European society with its kings, queens, bishops and warriors.