Birds of Paradise – K100 2020 .9999 Gold 1/4oz Coin

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Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea and the surrounding islands. The manucodes and riflebirds species also dwell in Australia.  

We have been fortunate to secure this release through the modern Issuing Authority of the original.  The original coin’s bold yet intricate design makes it one of the most sought after across the world.  With only 400 minted, this wonderful 24k gold coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is presented in a wooden gloss box.


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Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
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Birds of paradise are so attractive that their appearance once made them the target of skin hunters, who upsettingly decimated some species.

There are more than three dozen species in the family Paradisaeidae, more commonly known as the birds of paradise.  Most are distinguished by striking colours and bright plumage of yellow, blue, scarlet and green.  These colours distinguish them as some of the world’s most dramatic and attractive birds.  Males often sport vibrant feathered ruffs or amazingly elongated feathers, which are known as wires or streamers.  Some species have enormous head plumes or other distinctive ornaments, such as breast shields or head fans.

This exquisite coin is well known in the numismatic trade and is highly collectable because of its beauty and rarity.  There is an international market for these coins which encompasses most of the Far East, China, Australia, USA, Russia and of course Germany.

This is a highly prized new issue authorised by the Country of Origin and produced with our usual attention to detail to create superb collectors’ items.  It truly is a beautiful reproduction of The Bird of Paradise coin, first issued in 1895, which was designed by engraver Otto Schultz, who was one half of the famous numismatic designers Schultz and Weigand.